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The career of up and coming jockey Joe Colliver was dealt a severe blow after he was found guilty of perverting the course of justice at Teeside Crown Court.

25 year old conditional jockey was heading for a promising career after being given some great opportunities from trainer Micky Hammond.

Colliver and friend Lewis Purdie crashed their car into a wall in Leyburn on Boxing Day 2015 and the likelihood is Colliver would’ve been fined and given a driving ban if admitting to being drunk behind the wheel. However Colliver decided to take the route of paying his friend Purdie £2,500 to take the blame for the incident in an attempt to avoid any detrimental affect to his promising career.

Unfortunately for Colliver the police found overwhelming evidence to disprove the pairs claims and prove that it was him behind the wheel.

Judge Tony Briggs was quoted as saying “Any attempt to pervert the course of justice by behaving in this way strikes at the very heart of justice and custody is inevitable.” “In normal circumstances you are honest, reliable and hard-working.” – “That may be so, but you are 25 and you are not a callow teenager.”

Trainer Micky Hammond gave testimony on Colliver’s behalf and described the jockey as “top dollar” and added that “He has been keen to our recent success” Hammond admitted that despite Colliver’s success and promise that “Prison would make it extremely difficult for him to get back to where he is at present, two wins away from being on level footing with the best.” The judge has given Colliver a 10 month jail sentence, a 17 month driving ban and a £250 fine which will surely be highly detrimental to his career.


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