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15:40 - Cross Country Chase

Cross Country Chase is one of those races which is a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it.

Last year Easyland won this and is favourite for this race. Beating Tiger Roll last year who hasn't really shown anything of much promise since his 2nd Grand National win back in 2019. You'd have to be worried that it's finally caught up with him 2 Grand Nationals which is a shame. But he owes no one anything and maybe this might be the last time we see him on the track.

With a few of the horses having question marks about them I have to be boring and playing it hopefully safe with Easysland The softer the ground is the better his chances are. He blew them all away last year and Tiger Roll had no answer. Last time out he was lumbered with weight against his rivals so you can't really look into that too much. This time it's a much level playing field in terms of what he has to carry on his back and I think he will be a class above these.

An each way pick at a big price (around 20s) would be Le Breuil is a bit of a left field selection as he really hasn't shown much since winning the national hunt chase at the festival in 2019. But this horse just wants a marathon trip every time you see him race, he just looks like he wants further and this will certainly be a test. Perhaps one to look at when in running as im sure he will stay on. Not one to fully trust but if he takes to the cross country course could cause a bit of an upset



written by Luke Tucker


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